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“I Did Weekly Cryotherapy Sessions Leading Up to My Wedding”

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“I Did Weekly Cryotherapy Sessions Leading Up to My Wedding”

Like most brides, I wanted to look my best walking down the aisle. With my wedding date drawing nearer, I tried a number of different treatments—including regular facials and weekly manis—but weekly cryotherapy sessions were definitely the coolest of ‘em all. (Pun intended.)

I opted to do my sessions at NKD NYC, a boutique wellness center that offers Cryosense (billed as “a next-generation cryosauna”), infrared LED therapy, IV vitamin drips, and more. Walking into the 57th Street space for my exploratory visit, what struck me most was the sleek and serene vibe. The idea of subjecting myself to freezing temps—as low as minus 320 degrees Fahrenheit—in the name of beauty was a bit panic-inducing, so this put me at ease.

Before I go any further, it’s important to understand fact vs. fiction when it comes to whole body cryotherapy (WBC). This frigid treatment claims to speed up recovery, reduce inflammation, and diminish pain. Hence why it’s long been a favorite among hardcore athletes. I’m happy to report that it benefits brides dealing with soreness as a result of back-to-back SLT classes, as well! Think of it like an ice bath on steroids.

While the FDA has yet to acknowledge the potential perks, governmental agencies aren’t really known for being open-minded when it comes to holistic health trends. There is evidence to suggest that cryotherapy burns calories and revs up the metabolism. It can tighten skin and boost mood, too. (I can personally attest to that post-WBC burst of energy.)

So, what does it feel like? Cold! Though not unbearably so. (FYI, you can choose the intensity.) I wore knee-high socks, clogs, and wool mittens to protect my fragile extremities. Plus, my head was outside the chamber. Erin Hamilton, general manager of NKD NYC, also put on music and graciously listened to me blather on about wedding-related stressors, which really helped to pass the time.

The honest to goodness truth? I felt pretty darn good after each arctic stint, and even went in for a session right before my final wedding dress fitting. If that’s not a glowing endorsement of cryotherapy, can someone please tell me what is?

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