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7 Florists and Event Designers Celebs Turn To

Inspired by the latest iteration of a Kardashian flower wall? Blown away by some extravagant celeb wedding and the seemingly millions of peonies they seemed to have? We feel ya. When it comes to big, important events, flowers are usually a huge part of setting the tone for said event–and when a celebrity throws a party (or a wedding or a baby shower they’re not gonna just trust any florist. They go with the best of the best– true floral artists that can execute their vision and wow all of their guests (and the media for that matter). And because we know you’ll want to go stalk said florists’ and event designer’s Instagram immediately, we’ve made a handy dandy list of some of the best of the best–the florists to the stars, from Oprah to the Kardashians, to Meghan Markle and Gwyneth Paltrow.

“That’s all well and good,” you’re saying, “but how do I get a stunning reception without the budget of a celeb?!” Well, we’re glad you asked. We spoke to a couple of florists and event designers about their tricks of the trade and how you can pull of something beautiful without spending a small fortune.

From Van Wyck & Van Wyck:

“Candles, candles, candles. Anything and everything looks amazing by firelight so buy quadruple the amount you think you’ll need and turn off the overheads. Instant drama. Instant romance. Fresh flowers can quickly eat up your budget since you need a lot to make an impact. Focus instead on trees, grasses and greenery for foliage that makes a mark at a much lesser price tag. Finally, never be afraid to call in a favor. People will want to help out! Know someone whose handwriting you’ve always envied? Make them your calligrapher. Is one of your friends a banker by day and baker by night? Ask them to make your wedding cake. Even for those for whom money is no object, we try to incorporate as many of their friends into their big day as possible! It always makes it all the more meaningful.”

From Preston Bailey:

“Make the bride and groom table statement-worthy! After all, most likely all guests will be visiting the head table to say hello, so you can really make a splash with flowers and tone down the rest of the reception if you only have the budget to go big in one area.”

From Birch Even Designs

“Our advice would be to focus on creating a consistent statement across the event, and flushing it out as much as possible. Filling a room with greenery, foliage, candles and/or trees can be both inexpensive and dramatic. We’d suggest separating a good portion of your budget to a special moment that will grab guests’ attention and serve as a focal point for the design. This might be a hanging installation or lush entrance arrangements. Great event design is great event design regardless of budget. It’s not as simple as making a few choices; it will take work and collaboration with the right people.”

From Jeff Leatham:

“A great way to maximize your budget is to choose an affordable flower, such as hydrangea or carnations, and use it monochromatically and in abundance. A popular trend right now is to use large quantities of bud vases and candles, which I believe is a great way to cover a lot of service area with single stems. “

Want more? Check out the below awe-inspiring work of seven of the top florists and event designers to the stars.

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